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As a parent, nothing is as important to you as your baby’s comfort, safety and happiness. There are many things that determine your baby’s well-being and that includes the quality of your baby’s accessories.

We at BabyHuggle understand the importance of quality, and strive to ensure that our products contribute to the joyful experience of being a parent.

This is the cutest way to keep track of your child's pacifier! I HIGHLY recommend this binky holder to any mommy out there!! Your baby will love this little guy!!!
Christine Reagan
Mother of 4 boys and 4 girls
I LOVE this! It makes keeping track of pacifiers SO much easier. As an added bonus, my son can much more easily get his pacifier into his mouth if he drops it or loses track of it (especially at night). HELLO restful sleep!
Wendi S.
Mother of a girl & a boy
I wish that when I had kids they had wonderful products like this to help me get through the night.
Pamela Kles
Mother of 3 girls & Grandmother of 8
Awe, how cute! I needed to get something for my niece that is going to be a first time mommy! I couldn't think of a more perfect gift when I came across this.
Aunt of soon to be moomy
My son walks around all day with the monkey and he even loves to take naps with it.
Mother of a baby boy
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