BabyHuggle Caterpillar

What is it?

The BabyHuggle Caterpillar is the ideal accessory for your baby. It is a soft and cute plush toy that is connected to a dummy to stimulate and soothe your baby.

With a simple flick of your thumb, you can clip the tail to your baby’s bib, car seat straps or stroller. It is also equipped with a squeaker to stimulate your baby’s hearing and interest. It is light and easy for little fingers to hold and play with.

The BabyHuggle Caterpillar is well sewed and made from durable high-quality materials. It comes complete with a free detachable silicone orthodontic pacifier that is easy to sterilize. 100% safe for your baby, BPA & Phthalates Free.

It is also a perfect Baby Shower Gift for both boys and girls!


Length: 8 inch (20 cm)
Width: 3 inch (8 cm)
Weight: 2.1 ounces (35 grams)

Detachable Silicone Pacifier

One-piece orthodontic pacifier made of 100% silicone. It is high-quality, durable, safe and comfortable, and provides a healthy oral development of your baby’s palate, teeth and gums. It can be easily removed for washing and sterilization.

Clip Holder

Durable non-toxic ABS plastic clip with a strong clasp that holds against a child’s pull but with gentle jaws that won’t damage their clothing. It can be attached and detached by simply flicking the clip with your thumb.

You can attach it with ease to bibs, blankets, slings, strollers, car seat straps and many other surfaces and materials. The clip is sewn to the tail for added strength. The plastic clip will not rust and is a safer alternative to stainless steel clips.

How does it help your baby?

Huggable friend

Soft, lovable, fun and easy for your baby’s little fingers to grasp and play with wherever he goes. The squeaky sound will stimulate his hearing and capture his attention. The light weight and flexible shape will make it easy for him to handle.

Soothing bedtime companion for a better sleep

The soft plush toy and orthodontic pacifier are both designed to calm your baby. It will also bring him soothing comfort and security.

Although it is light, the weight of the plush will keep the pacifier into your baby’s mouth much better than regular pacifiers. The clip helps you position the plush toy in the desired place. During sleep, if your baby pushes the pacifier out he will be able to find it easily by moving his head or grabbing the plush. He can then continue his sleep in comfort and without waking up.

Healthy oral development & breathing

1. Concave heart shaped shield – Curves down under your baby’s nose and rounds off his mouth for increased comfort.

2. Drop-shaped top – Naturally fits your baby’s mouth and reduces palatal pressure.

3. Scooped nipple cavity – Maximizes tongue movement.

4. Thin neck – Allows mouth to close and natural jaw movement.

5. Holes – Allows a better airflow for a natural breathing, preventing irritation.

6. Puller – Offers and easy and convenient handling.

7. No taste or smell – Easier to be accepted by your baby and to transition between pacifier, breast and bottle when breastfeeding.

8. Orthodontic shape – Encourages a healthy oral development of your baby’s palate, teeth and gums. It will also minimize pacifier induced dental problems such as underbite and overbite.

9. 100% Safe & non-toxic – One-piece construction made of 100% hospital-grade silicone. It is recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

How does it help you?

Less stress and a good night's sleep

No more stressful nights, less interruptions and less to worry about. Your baby will sleep better and you will finally get your well-deserved sleep.

Easy to please your baby

If your baby is picky and only takes a specific pacifier, attach it to the plush toy and he will love it even more.

No more germs or lost pacifiers

A fun way to always keep your baby’s favorite pacifier within reach and off the floor. Clip the tail to your baby’s clothing or other places and never risk losing it or slipping it to the ground and getting it dirty again.

Easy to wash & sterilize

The plush is machine washable and will hold up great even after multiple washes. The pacifier can be removed and sterilized safely. It will keep its shape and composition even after extended use and repeated sterilization.
More about how to wash and sterilize?

Save time & money

The BabyHuggle Caterpillar Pacifier is designed to fit your busy life. It will make it easier and less worrisome for you to keep your baby happy and entertained. It is well sewed and made from durable high-quality materials. It will last a long time so it doesn’t need to be replaced together with worn out or lost pacifiers. You will be able to use it for years to come.

Great for On-the-Go

Clip the tail to baby’s clothing, car seat strap, sling etc. and be ready in no-time for any journey. It is multi-functional so you can use it as a pacifier leash, teething toy, rattle toy holder, hanging toy or you can come up with your own fun and creative ideas to suit your needs.


The plush caterpillar is around 8 inches long (20cm) and 3 inches wide (8cm), and weights 1.3 ounces (35 grams).

We were very careful to choose the best materials in production, so all components are high-quality and 100% safe for your baby. The monkey is made of very soft plush and stuffed with PP cotton. It has premium sewing and embroidered eyes, so there is no risk for your baby to pull them out or rip the toy apart. The pacifier is 100% silicone and BPA & phthalates free and the clip is ABS non-toxic plastic. It meets U.S. and EN71 safety standards.

The plush animal is aimed at stimulating your baby’s sense of touch, sight and hearing. It will also improve your baby’s attention span, imagination and curiosity level. Handling the plush toy will also help to improve fine and gross motor skills.
Babies younger than three months can often only hold toys that are placed into their hands. A plastic clip is sewn to the animal and can be clipped to your baby’s little bib to keep it at a convenient place where he can touch it.
Yes, you simply put it in the washing machine. For the best care, remove the pacifier and set the machine to gentle cycle, then remove promptly and air dry. We encourage you to wash it from time to time to keep in clean and germ free for your baby.
To sterilize, remove the pacifier from the toy, put it in a steam sterilizer machine or simply boil it in water for 5 minutes. Let it cool for at least 5 minutes and remove any trapped water before use. For safety, make sure you sterilize the pacifier prior to first use and at any time you feel it is needed. To only sanitize it, use a little soap and warm water, rinse clean and air dry. You can also put it in the dishwasher (top rack).
If water gets inside the pacifier nipple simply squeeze it to press out any water inside.
A pacifier is very helpful when you want to comfort your baby. A pacifier should never be a substitute for feeding and nurturing. If it happens that your baby is still fussy after being fed, burped, cuddled and played with, a pacifier may be just the thing to comfort your baby.
If you’re not breastfeeding, your baby can use a pacifier straightaway. If you are breastfeeding, when to give your baby a pacifier depends on how much you think it might interfere with nursing.

Yes. The pacifier has an orthodontic shape to ensure the correct development of your baby’s gums, palate and teeth. It is also taste and odor free and comfortable for babies to transition between the dummy, bottle and breast when breastfed.

Yes definitely. If you find that there is only a select few brands that your baby is comfortable with, the dummy can be removed and replaced with your baby’s favourite brand.
Sorry about that! It shouldn’t have happened. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can fix this problem.